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Megan Grandinetti : Board President

Megan Grandinetti

Board President

I first learned about GOTR as I was finishing up a race in Chicago, IL when I was living in the midwest in my early 20's.  I was immediately intrigued and vowed to get involved.  I had personally started running as an outlet in college, but before then had never experienced a runner's high or the confidence crossing a finish line provides.  Admittedly, strong female role models were also lacking in my life during my teenage years.  GOTR seemed to provide this entire package in a scalable way;  when I relocated to NJ a few months later I immediately looked into a local chapter.  Fast forward 10 years, and I continue to be inspired by the mission and the women of GOTR NJ East.  I'm excited to be a part of our revolutionary curriculum, and will never get tired of seeing girls make emotional and physical breakthroughs over the course of every season.

In my "day" life, I am an advertising executive and mom.  I live with my husband, Patrick, and daughter, Sofie, in Hoboken New Jersey.

Emily Soonthornchai : Board Member

Emily Soonthornchai

Board Member

I first learned about Girls on the Run joined the board in 2012 after I moved to New Jersey and was looking for a way to get involved and give back in my new local community. I immediately connected with GOTR's mission to inspire girls to reach their limitless potential, and I loved how this incredible larger organization could make such a local impact. While I've always been active and athletic, I've never considered myself a natural runner and it's something that I have challenged myself to continue over the years. In fact it has become a family affair and my dad, sisters, and I have completed many races together, including the New York Marathon. I value that GOTR is a welcoming and incredible growth experience for girls of all backgrounds and ability levels, and there is nothing like seeing the smiles and pride across their faces as they cross the finish line at the end of the season. 

In my daily life I work for Johnson & Johnson and live in Flemington, NJ with my husband and son.

Lindsay Dischley : Board Member

Lindsay Dischley

Board Member

I first learned about Girls on the Run through a friend who was coaching at the time.  I was immediately drawn to the program’s concept of empowering and inspiring young women to try their best and be themselves through engaging activities with friends as well as through running.  Although I was always an athlete through high school, I never liked the running that came along with every sport…it always seemed like a punishment.  It was only in law school that I became passionate about running not only to stay healthy, but also as a positive release and way to stay balanced.  I also found it was a great way to spend time with friends as well as to clear my head and relax.  I went from hating running to becoming a marathoner.  I wish that I had learned this positive association with running and its benefits at an earlier age.  That’s what Girls on the Run does.  It also equips young girls with incredible tools to handle so many pressures they will face through adolescence and beyond.  I am so grateful to have the opportunity to coach and mentor so many girls who have in so many ways been the ones to coach and inspire me!  My husband Michael and I recently moved to Verona with our baby girl and future GOTR!

Carly Slutzky : Board Member

Carly Slutzky

Board Member

Given my long-time love of running and professional interest in promoting and researching how to build healthy habits and social-emotional development in children, I was surprised that I had not heard of Girls on the Run sooner. I was introduced to the program in 2013 and knew immediately it was something I wanted to be a part of! I coached for four seasons in Lawrenceville, NJ/Pennington, NJ between Fall 2013 and Fall 2015. I loved seeing the pride on girls’ faces as they surpassed their own expectations by running more and more laps each session and crossing the finish lines of both the practice 5K and final 5K races. It was so rewarding to know I was serving as a role model and helping young girls build self-esteem, positivity, and important skills that can follow them into adulthood. I loved hearing from parents who shared they saw positive changes in their daughters that they attributed to participation in GOTR. The GOTR mission resonates with my own passions and it is great to be in the company of others who feel the same. I am excited to be continuing my involvement with GOTR NJE, now as a Board Member.

Michelle Gasiorowski : Board Member

Michelle Gasiorowski

Board Member

I first learned about Girls on the Run by an ad in a magazine. I researched the program and immediately wanted to be involved. I inquired about board positions and ended up coaching. I’m so glad I coach and get to see the program in action. I truly believe in the program and the benefits it provides to young ladies with the ever changing pressures in the world we live in today. Now that I’ve accepted a board position I’m able to help the organization from a professional point of view as an accountant in public practice and work with a group of intelligent and amazing women. I still love coaching and will continue to do so as it proved to be more rewarding than I could have imagined. I love seeing the change in confidence and attitudes of the girls from the beginning of the season to the end.

I live in Riverton, NJ and work in Voorhees, NJ and am committed to spreading the word to the southern part of the state about this wonderful program.

Rebecca Rinaldi : Board Member

Rebecca Rinaldi

Board Member

I first was introduced to Girls on the Run through the company I work for, Cigna. Cigna is a national sponsor of GOTR and began a program to partner with various GOTR  Councils to help out with the end of season 5k. I was immediately drawn to the organization as it  encompassed so many things I am really passionate about  - running/fitness and more so empowering girls to be the best they can be! As an avid runner and triathlete and mother of two young girls there was no better organization to channel my energies into.

My journey with GOTR started as a site co-lead at Cigna's Philadelphia office. We recruited employees of Cigna to volunteer or be a running buddy at the Philadelphia Councils 5k. I loved the energy and positivity of race day and immediately start looking at ways to become more involved.

I live in New Jersey therefore got in touch with the New Jersey East Council since they covered my home county.  I was immediately drawn to the positive energy and strong leadership of the women running the NJ East Council and Board. I soon because serving on committees and now am responsible for the Expanding our Brand committee which is focused on creating brand awareness for GOTR as well as finding ways to create strong linkages between GOTR and the GOTR SoleMates program. I joined the GOTR NJ East Board in November and 2015 and am truly honored to have this opportunity to be a part of such a great organization with such a positive mission.


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