Spring 2017 Locations

*All locations, days and times are subject to change.

TBD will be updated as the information becomes finalized.

LocationStart DateDaysTimes
Essex County
Caldwell @ Grover Cleveland Park4/4Tuesday/Friday3:45-5pm
East Orange @ Cicely Tyson School4/4Tuesday/Thursday3:30-4:45pm
Essex Fells @ Essex Fells School4/3Monday/Wednesday3:15-4:30pm
Livingston @ High School Oval4/4Tuesday/Friday3:45-5pm
Maplewood @ Clinton School4/5Wednesday/Saturday2:45-4pm and 8:45-10am
Maplewood @ Jefferson School4/5Wednesday/Saturday2:45-4pm and 9:30-10:45am
Maplewood @ Memorial Park3/27Monday/Saturday4-5:15pm and 9:30-10:45am
Maplewood H&S @ Memorial Park (*for 6th-8th grades)4/1Monday/Saturday4-5:15pm and 9:30-10:45am
Millburn @ Taylor Park4/7Friday/Saturday4:30-5:45pm and 9:15-10:30am
Millburn H&S @ Taylor Park (*for 6th-8th grades)4/7Friday/Saturday4:30-5:45pm and 9:15-10:30am
Montclair 1 @ Brookdale Park4/5Wednesday/Saturday4:15-5:30pm and 9:45-11am
Montclair H&S @ Brookdale Park (*for 6th-8th grades)4/5Wednesday/Saturday4:15-5:30pm and 9:45-11am
Montclair 2 @ Edgemont Park4/11Tuesday/Saturday4:15-5:30pm and 9-10:15am
Newark @ Link Community School4/3Monday/Thursday4:15-5:30pm
Newark @ Philips Academy 4/3Monday/Wednesday3:45-5pm
Nutley @ Yantacaw Park4/5Wednesday/Saturday4-5:15pm and 9-10:15am
Orange @ Forest School 4/4Tuesday/Wednesday4:15-5:30pm
Verona @ Verona Park4/5Wednesday/Saturday4-5:15pm and 10-11:15am
West Orange @ Kelly Elementary3/28Tuesday/Thursday3:45-5pm
West Orange H&S @ Clipper Pavillion/WO Reservoir (*for 6th-8th grades)4/5Wednesday/Saturday4:30-5:45pm and 9:30-10:45am
West Orange @ Clipper Pavillion/WO Reservoir4/4Tuesday/Saturday4:30-5:45pm and 9:30-10:45am
West Orange @ Washington School4/4Tuesday/Thursday3:30-4:45pm
Union County
Clark @ Brewer Gym4/4Tuesday/Thursday3:45-5pm
Cranford @ Nomahegan Park4/4Tuesday/Saturday4:30-5:45pm and 10-11:15am
Cranford @ Unami Park4/3Monday/Wednesday5:30-6:45pm
Elizabeth H&S @ School 1 (*for 6th-8th grades) 4/3Monday/Friday3:15-4:30pm
Elizabeth H&S @ School 9 (*for 6th-8th grades) TBDTBD
Fanwood @ Forest Park4/4Tuesday/Saturday4-5:15pm and 9:30-10:45am
Mountainside H&S @ Deerfield Middle School (*for 6th-8th grades) 4/18Tuesday/Thursday3:30-4:45pm
New Providence @ Jaycees Park4/5Wednesday/Saturday3:30-4:45pm and 9-10:15am
Rahway @ Madison Avenue Park4/5Wednesday/Friday4:15-5:30pm
Roselle @ Charles C. Polk Academy4/4Tuesday/Wednesday3:15-4:30pm
Roselle @ L.V. Moore Middle School4/4Tuesday/Thursday3-4:15pm
Scotch Plains @ Pondersosa Park4/3Monday/Wednesday4:30-5:45pm
Summit @ Kent Place 3/27Monday/Wednesday3:45-5pm
Summit H&S @ Kent Place (*for 6th-8th grades) 3/27Monday/Wednesday3:45-5pm
Summit @ Memorial Park Field4/4Tuesday/Thursday4-5:15pm
Union @ Volunteer Park4/8Wednesday/Saturday5:30-6:45pm and 9-10:15am
Union H&S @ Volunteers Park (*for 6th-8th grades) 4/8Wednesday/Saturday5:30-6:45pm and 9-10:15am
Westfield @ Roosevelt School 4/3Monday/Wednesday4-5:15pm
Westfield H&S @ Tamaques Park (*for 6th-8th grades)4/3Monday/Saturday4-5:15pm and 10-11:15 am
Morris County
Chatham @ Lafayette School 4/4Tuesday/Thursday3:15-4:30pm
Chatham H&S @ Chatham Middle (*for 6th-8th grades)4/4Tuesday/Thursday3-4:15pm
Florham Park @ Elm Street Rec Complex4/10Monday/Friday3:30-4:45pm
Harding Township @ Harding School3/28Tuesday/Wednesday3:15-4:30pm
Jefferson Township @ Arthur Stanlick School4/3Monday/Wednesday3:30-4:45pm
Kinnelon @ Stonybrook Elementary School4/5Wednesday/Friday3:45-5pm
Madison @ Torey J Sabatini School 4/11Tuesday/Thursday3:30-4:45pm
Morris Plains @ Simon Park/Mountain Way4/3Monday/Friday3:15-4:30pm
Morristown @ Atlantic Health Systems4/4Tuesday/Thursday4:15-5:30pm
Morristown @ Normandy Park School4/3Monday/Wednesday3:15-4:30pm
Morristown @ Thomas Jefferson School4/5Wednesday/Saturday3:30-4:45pm and 9-10:15am
Mt. Olive @ Sandshore School 4/4Tuesday/Thursday3:45-5pm
Mt. Olive @ Tinc Road School (*Tinc students only)4/4Tuesdays/Thursdays3:45-5pm
Netcong @ Netcong Elementary School4/3Mondays/Tuesdays6:00-7:15pm
Parsippany @ Veterans Park4/4Tuesday/Thursday5:30-6:45pm
Parsippany H&S @ Veterans Park (*for 6th-8th grades)4/4Tuesday/Thursday5:30-6:45pm
Randolph @ Center Grove School4/3Monday/Wednesday4-5:15pm
Randolph @ Fernbrook School4/3Monday/Wednesday3:45-5pm
Randolph @ Ironia School4/4Tuesday/Thursday3:45-5pm
Roxbury @ Horseshoe Lake4/4Tuesday/Friday4:15-5:30pm
Mercer County
East Windsor/Hightstown @ Peddie4/3Monday/Friday5:45-7pm
East Windsor/Hightstown H&S @ Peddie (*for 6th-8th grades) 4/3Monday/Friday5:45-7pm
Hopewell Boro @ Hopewell Park4/11Tuesday/Friday3:45-5pm
Lawrenceville @ Village Park4/3Monday/Wednesday4:15-5:30pm
Princeton @ Community Park North4/3Monday/Saturday3:45-5pm and 9:45-11am
Princeton @ Littlebrook Elementary4/4Tuesday/Friday3:15-4:30pm
Princeton @ Princeton Day School4/3Monday/Thursday3:30-4:45pm
Robbinsville 1 @ Community Park 4/3Monday/Wednesday5:15-6:30pm
Robbinsville 2 @ Town Center4/3Monday/Thursday
Stuart @ Stuart Country Day School4/19Monday/Wednesday3:30-4:45pm
Titusville @ Bear Tavern School4/11Tuesday/Thursday3:45-5pm
West Windsor @ Village School4/4Tuesday/Thursday3:30-4:45pm
Burlington County
Bordentown @ MacFarland School3/28Tuesday/Thursday3:15-4:45pm
Bordentown H&S @ Bordentown Middle (*for 6th-8th grades) 4/5Wednesday/Thursday3-4:30pm
Cinnaminson @ Memorial Park4/3Monday/Wednesday4-5:15pm
Medford @ Allen School4/3Monday/Thursday3:30-4:45pm
Moorestown @ Boundary Creek Park4/3Monday/Thursday4:15-5:30pm
Southampton @ School #24/4Tuesday/Thursday3:15-4:30pm
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