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Sydney Davis : Executive Director

Sydney Davis

Executive Director

The three things we believe and advocate at Girls on the Run – Be YOURSELF, Try your BEST, and have FUN are the 3 most powerful tenants of a healthy, exciting and authentic life. I am inspired every day by girls who surprise themselves with what they can accomplish when they put their heart and mind to the task AND by the countless volunteers who are the heartbeat of this awesome organization. As a girl who couldn’t make the cut onto one sports team (OK actually I played volleyball by default because they didn’t have enough players), I LOVE advocating to tomorrow’s women that ALL of us can make the choice to be an athlete – it is as simple as saying YES, believing in yourself, and showing up. Girls on the Run makes that possible for all of us – we are all superstars.

Anne Klein : Program Director

Anne Klein

Program Director

Girls on the Run is a lifestyle that I buy into 100%. I love that I have a hand in helping young girls feel confident and strong. Girls on the Run has taught me to “let my dork-light shine” (I learned that from Sydney!) and I love that I can encourage the girls to do the same. It’s allowed me to let go and not take myself too seriously. There is nothing like giving an ENERGY cheer, smiling and being PROUD of it!

Gabrielle Rossi : Union County Director

Gabrielle Rossi

Union County Director

I have learned so much about leading an authentic life from my work with Girls on the Run as I strive to share its mission, vision, and values. GOTR is so meaningful to me because I love helping girls realize their fullest potential of strength, self-confidence, sass, silliness, and self-love! Every single girl deserves to recognize her limitless potential; the finish line is just the catalyst.

Camilla Nichols-Uhler : Essex County Director

Camilla Nichols-Uhler

Essex County Director

As a Parent, Educator and a GOTR Coach, nothing empowers me more than making an everlasting impact & celebrating that every girl counts. I'm so thrilled, energized and excited to be The Director of Essex County. I have seen first hand that we can all make a difference in helping each other to reach our fullest potentials. At GOTR, we put our Heart, Mind and Soul into the smallest acts. This is the secret of success and our girls carry this spirit with them forever. Run with Life & GOTR! It will change you forever! 

Melissa Neiheisel : Burlington County Director

Melissa Neiheisel

Burlington County Director

The Girls on the Run mission is something I been working to instill in my players and students since I began teaching over ten years ago.  Girls on the Run allows me to reach even more young girls and spread the message that they all have what they need to exceed inside of them, whether they recognize that or not (but soon enough they do)!  It is amazing to see the transformation that these girls make over the course of a season and how much energy they bring to the program- SO much that they beg for extra sessions and running events.  Teaching girls at a young age how to be healthy and confident are some things that are truly important to me. Providing them with the appropriate "starter tools" to live the happy and healthy life they envision for themselves is a phenomenal opportunity.  There is an amazing feeling when you watch all THEIR hard work and devotion pay off as they cross that finish line.  They at times push me to do better and be more confident.  The GOTR energy is contagious.

Lori Kapferer : Director of Community Relations

Lori Kapferer

Director of Community Relations

I'm passionate about running because I've learned first-hand how it can be used to change lives. I love how GOTR introduces and reinforces compassion for others and self, healthy living, connection, gratitude, and community service. Seeing how the program impacts not only the girls, but also the coaches, volunteers, families, and communities, motivates me to do what I can to bring this opportunity to more girls.

Kim Ciriaco : Morris County Director

Kim Ciriaco

Morris County Director

The Girls on the Run core values are something I whole heartily believe in and incorporate into my daily life. I am still in shock that I get to be a part of this amazing team and organization. GOTR has made such an impact on so many girls and coaches, including myself. There is no greater feeling than to see self growth at the end of a season by both the girls and the coaches! Girls on the Run is helping make the world a more positive place, one girl at a time. Girls on the Run is so much fun!!

Karen Ayres : Accounting Manager

Karen Ayres

Accounting Manager

I am very fortunate to have had fantastic role models throughout my life - women who have loved and encouraged and challenged me to achieve more than I ever thought I could achieve.   By being a part of Girls on the Run, I have the opportunity to pass along that love and encouragement to our GOTR girls.  Some dive right into the challenges while others go more cautiously - either way, it's a thrill to share their joy as they discover what they are capable of!

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